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Hi Dr. B, I'm so worried about my 8 year old's skin underneath her eyes. Sh...
Dr. B
Re: Pedis sure
Hi, Yes, they can have 1-2 cans/day.
Pedis sure
Hi Dr B..... I have just purchased Pediasure to use as a supplement for ...
Dr. B
Re: Stretch Marks on Teenage Girl
Hi, Some people have a tendency to get those. There are anti-scar creams...
Stretch Marks on Teenage Girl
Dr. B, Alexandra is 15 and has had stretch marks for years but they are ...
Dr. B
Re: Bruising.....
Hi, That's usually pretty normal. I worry when they are central, like on...
Hi Dr B.... I have noticed 2 or 3 bruises on my 10 year old son's legs t...

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